Announcing the CREATE 2020 Webinar Series

May 18, 2020

CREATE 2020 Webinar Series


Designed for policymakers, practitioners, organisational leaders, researchers, prevention and implementation scientists, and funders, the CREATE 2020 Webinar Series will present the research and practice outcomes of the CREATE-ing Pathways to Child Wellbeing 7-year project

We hope you can attend some or all of the webinars

The webinars are free and will be delivered using Live Team Events

June 17th10.00 to 11.30 (AEST)

The power of a critical friend – Collective Change Facilitation

Do you ever wish you could call a friend to bounce ideas around or ask them for their opinion? Do you wish you had someone you could rely on to provide you with honest but constructive advice? Or someone who can keep an eye on the big picture and ask those tricky questions that get you thinking? Collective Change Facilitators (sometimes known as Collective Impact Facilitators) are an important part of the Prevention Translation and Support System being developed as part of the CREATE-ing Pathways to Child Wellbeing project. Collective Change Facilitators work to strengthen Community Coalition functioning, a factor that has been linked to coalition success when influencing positive community change. They support collaboration and relationships within and external to the community coalition by working alongside members of a partnership to enhance their functioning while also building capacity.

As part of this presentation, we will unpack what it means to be a Collective Change Facilitator and discuss the impact of a critical friend walking alongside you. 

This presentation will be led by CREATE Project Team member and Collective Change Facilitator Dr Sara Branch and Collective Change Facilitator Ms Charmaine Stubbs from The Salvation Army.

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1st July – 10.00 to 11.30 (AEST)

Coalition Wellbeing – Reviewing how well your collaboration works – the value of measuring the quality of community partnerships to enhance functionality and amplify impact

The natural fluctuations that occur in communities and community coalitions underline the importance of establishing a routine process for all partners to engage in regular reflection about coalition wellbeing and functioning. Self-review can be a powerful catalyst for growth and achieving shared goals. Collecting information that promotes reflection forms a core part of a continuous learning and improvement cycle and can help coalition members strengthen the way they work together to enhance outcomes for their community. The Coalition Wellbeing Survey was developed as a tool for use by community coalitions to review their collective practices in a systematic and replicable way. It helps coalitions gather reliable data on factors that are known to underpin successful collaborative initiatives.

Within the CREATE-ing Pathways to Child Wellbeing Project the Coalition Wellbeing Survey has been used by community coalitions throughout Queensland and NSW to measure coalition wellbeing and strengthen their collaboration. This presentation will discuss the value of using measurement tools like the Coalition Wellbeing Survey to strengthen collaboration.  

This presentation will be led by CREATE Project Co-director Professor Ross Homel and team leader Dr Kate Freiberg.

Registration link to follow

22nd July

(time to be advised)

Child wellbeing data: Illustrations using Rumble’s Quest – an innovative tool for measuring and improving wellbeing
More details, including a registration link, will be posted closer to the date of the webinar

29th July

(time to be advised)

The power of wellbeing data for community coalitions, and the schools and agencies within those partnerships
More details, including a registration link, will be posted closer to the date of the webinar

19th August

(time to be advised)

The capabilities and uses of Parent’s Voice – incorporating PEEM, the Parent Empowerment and Efficacy Measure
More details, including a registration link, will be posted closer to the date of the webinar

9th September TBC Demonstration of the power and use of the new Economic Support and Reporting Tool (ESRT)

30th September TBC Strengthening Family-School-Community Relationships – An online Professional Learning Program designed to strengthen Principal’s leadership in forging school-family-community connections to improve student wellbeing and learning outcomes



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